do we need earths grace ?

signs of big changes on our planet and beyond are evident. what could be taken for granted at the time of our fathers is now in question. from the behavior of the sun, the planets, the earth and its climates to its inhabitants, everything seems to get in transition faster and faster.

what are we doing with our planet?  everyone of us with his/her personal environment?  with our lands or valleys grace, upon we step every day with our feet? is it us, raping our planet, that even Venus (‘ atmosphere)  got furious? or is our doing just a small wheel, turning in the universes clockwork?

a huge mess of prophecies and policies are paralyzing most of us, while money turns our thoughts and bodies in carrousels.

each one of us has to wake up again and again to be aware enough to use (instead of abuse) natures forces for his/her life.  therefor a new (agri-)culture is inevitable in order not to be sucked out from the worlds economy. that system which is producing empty values faster that it can rob real ones from enslaved humans, earthlings and our planet itself.

only if enough people are capable to live according to natures laws, we will not kill each other when bigger changes in the universe will happen. climate extremes, natural hazards, polluted resources and globalized pests are just the beginning we encounter today.

massive changes at the earth, other planets and the sun have to be our motivation to get again in close touch with the true life spending forces, that will support us in coming transitions, whatever they will be.